Fireplaces Comparison

Built-In VS Freestanding Wood Burning Fireplaces

The two main choices of wood burning fireplaces are freestanding & built-in. Making the decision on which choice is correct for your home comes down to a number of key points. Some favor the appearance of an integrated fireplace which is built-in to the wall, whereas others welcome the fashion of freestanding fireplaces that can easily be set up anywhere in your home. Your ultimate selection does not consequently depend on one kind being “better” than the other, but to a certain extent which kind is more suited to your personal needs.


The Built-in unit:

This fireplace is built into the wall of your room. It requires some assistance with installation, because the insert needs to be incorporated within the walls according to detailed guidelines. You should take into consideration the installation and renovation expenses when choosing this type of unit.

A number of fresh generations of integrated fireplaces are unbelievable in their designs & shape. Unlike the old-fashioned fireplaces of days gone by, contemporary fireplaces are obtainable in a variety of styles and materials. A magnificently designed wall mounted fireplace can alter any room. Since the insert is installed into the wall, this sort of fireplace will work well in small areas. This fireplace is out of the way and situated against the wall rather than being positioned in the centre of the room, making it ideal for small rooms or for those who prefer a minimal interior.


The Freestanding unit:

These units take no more than a few hours to install, as they do not need any renovations further than the flue pipes running through the ceiling and roof. Since they are assembled away from the wall, they take up more space than the built-in units. The appearance of these units can be modern or old-fashioned, making them resourceful for a large selection of interiors.

They require no renovations, which mean no further payments. Furthermore the units can be installed promptly and simply. The flue pipes must run though your ceiling and roof in order for the unit to be efficient. It is extremely important that the unit is installed properly by a professional, to guarantee that the heat generated by the unit is transferred accurately and efficiently. The installation should take no longer than half a day. These fireplaces are not built into the wall, allowing the heat to spread from all sides on the unit making them most effective during those chilly winter nights.

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