Orleans Damper

Orleans Damper

Efficiency: 72%

Heating Area: 96m² -115m²

Metal: Cast Iron

Power Output: 10kW – 14kW

Product Description

Producing just the right amount of power to competently heat a small to medium space, this distinguished, built-in cast iron fireplace also comes with a damper valve which is used to control the potency of your fire. Open up the damper valve completely and the fire is able to burn at maximum capacity. Once your house is warm you can close the valve to restrict the flue, so that your fire isn’t able to grow in size but instead burns slowly and steadily, using little wood.

All our fireplaces are imported from Europe and boast a strict CE certification, so you know you can rely on the quality of any unit you purchase from Tradewinds. Just to ensure you sleep well at night, they come with a 5 year warranty too.

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