Types of Stainless Steel used for flues

There are three types of stainless steel generally used for the development of flues. To be precise, 430 grade, 304 grade and 316 grade. One should be certain to take into account the kind of steel that was used to produce the flues they are purchasing.

430 Grade Stainless Steel – this is the lowest grade and the cheapest stainless steel available. 430SS will not last as long as 304SS or 316SS flues. The absence of Nickel in the compound of 430SS leads to poorer resistance to temperature changes and increases the possibility of corrosion.

304SS Grade Stainless Steel – at Wood Burning Fireplaces, we distribute flues made from 304SS. 304SS is exceptional in terms of anti-corrosion. This is particularly imperative when using a closed ignition fireplace, where weak acids are formed during combustion that ultimately corrodes the central walls of the flue pipes. In a closed combustion fireplace, 304SS will last roughly twice as long as 430SS. 304SS is outstanding value for money, furthermore is non-magnetic.

316 Grade Stainless Steel – this is the finest class of stainless steel obtainable. It is non-magnetic, incredibly costly and referred to as “Marine Grade Stainless Steel”. Due to its superior resistance to pitting corrosion than other grades of steel, it is the number one steel to exercise in aquatic environments, such as luxury Yachts. By special request, Wood Burning Fireplaces are able to provide you with 316SS flues.

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