Why Tradewinds?

What makes Tradewinds Wood Burning Fireplaces Unique?

  • Our units have a sleek design and fit well into any room in your house
  • Our fireplaces are available as free-standing or built-in units
  • Customizable glass panelling as per your needs (one, two or 4 sided glass panels)
  • Our units are affordable and continue to be cost efficient in use
  • All units have hidden hinges for better aesthetics
  • The units are easily maintained, each of them have a separate ash pan for coal disposal
  • The units have strategically placed air-flow inlets and are tightly sealed to eliminate smoke from entering your home
  • With correctly designed airwash, maintaining the glass panels is effortless as they minimize the build-up of soot within the unit
  • The units are lined with refractory bricks or cast iron linings that retain heat, keeping your home warmer for longer
  • Our products are imported from sustainable sources
  • All units are backed with a CE Certification
  • Our flues are 304-grade stainless steel with superior anti-corrosion and seam welded
  • We have a wide variety of single wall and double wall insulated flues
  • Each unit is installed by professionally trained individuals

Contact one of our friendly and experienced sales staff for advice today. Our Showrooms have knowledgeable, trained and competent sales staff, backed and assisted by a reputable installation team with over 10 years experience. Feel free to read our testimonials of which we are proud.

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